Chat Tables

Mardon Wali Baat (Gender Intelligence) - Reboot

Day 1 - 14.00 to 15.00 IST

Mardon Waali Baat:A safe space for a positive and productive dialogue with men and women, to challenge constructs of gender, social conditioning, and gender roles that we carry unconsciously to our workplace every day, thereby engaging Men and Improving our collective Gender Quotient (both men and women).

  • To raise the participants’ consciousness about gender equity through moderated discussions on socialisation, gender stereotypes and biases & the impact of these on their work environment.
  • To engage men as equal stakeholders for Gender Equality
  • To guide participants to understand what an ally is and how men can make a difference by becoming a Change Agent – an Equal Half.

Organisation Resilience: Key features of a post pandemic world - Social Lens Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Day 1 - 17.15 to 18.15 IST

COVID 19 unleashed chaos across sectors including the social development sector . It catalysed the need for organisations to re evaluate themselves, their businesses, and understand its impacts on their work and their operations . What are some of the key trends emerging from founders and organisations that bring in better coping mechanisms?  

  • Essentials for preparing a resilience framework wrt organisations and people
  • What are the risk factors that organisations should identify ?
  • Importance of pivots and how do we identify them ?

Non-Profit Partnerships for Development - Sahayog Foundation

Day 1 - 18.30 to 19.30 IST

Partnerships for scale enable non-profits to amplify the reach of their successful programmes by collaborating with organisations committed to common goals. This chat table gives non-profit leaders the opportunity to have their partnership-related questions answered by Sahayog Foundation’s co-founder, Sheena Gandhi.

  • Build awareness of what Partnership Readiness involves
  • Address non-profit partnership-related questions

Sustainability & Thresholds – Quadruple Bottom Line

Day 1 - 19.30 to 20.30 IST

Sustainability has degenerated into a platform for Greenwashing. Without Thresholds, Sustainability has no relevance, whether for Environmental Causes or Social Behaviour. We will explore the synergies between Thresholds and Sustainability in the backdrop of the Quadruple Bottom Line and understand how a Strong Personal Moral Line can lead to Sustainable Behaviour.

  • Understand the need for a String Personal Moral Line.
  • Realise the correlation between Ethical Behaviour and achieving the SDGs

To Build a United World – Creative Society Project

Day 1 - 22.00 to 23.00 IST

To achieve peaceful and united world by changing the format of our society from the consumer oriented to the creative one..

  • To let people know about Creative Society initiative and to hear their vision of such society.

Menstrual Hygiene – Red is the New Green

Day 2 - 9.00 to 10.00 IST

The purpose of this chat table is to make sure each person attending leaves the session with 1. knowledge about the current state of menstrual hygiene across the world , 2. Why period poverty exists in 2021 and what are the solutions to tackle it, 3. How to create spaces to discuss menstrual in your line of work..

  • Attendees having a holistic picture of the menstrual health landscape.
  • A crowd sourced solution towards tackling ways to reduce period poverty in India.
  • Fostering connections among attendees working in related spaces to pick up more menstrual health projects and activities

Rural Entrepreneurship & Women - Nirmaan

Day 2 - 10.00 to 11.00 IST

Rural entrepreneurship holds the key to creating sustainable livelihoods for the marginalized in India. The economic empowerment of women is being regarded as a Sine-qua-non of progress for the country. Rural entrepreneurship can enable women to achieve economic independence.

Delineating a holistic perspective of the impact of rural entrepreneurship on women empowerment in rural India...

Improve reporting quality - Dataogram

Day 2 - 11.15 to 12.15 IST

10 data collection and management mistakes NGOs must avoid in order to improve their reporting quality.

Data management best practices

Useful tips on excel and google sheets.

Skills for Teen Development – Rajat Soni Academy

Day 2 - 12.15 to 13.15 IST

Get going with strategies to implement skills for development of teen’s personality and employability.

Senior Citizen Challenges, COVID & Beyond – Each One Teach One

Day 2 - 14.00 to 15.00 IST

With growing age senior citizens experience lots of physical and psychological changes. the Pandemic had brought limitations to their little world.

Bring an emotional balance to the seniors and also have an inclusive idea to treat them as equals.

Participatory Governance of Groundwater for Resilience – Aga Khan Agency for Habitat

Day 2 - 14.00 to 15.00 IST

Empowering communities by bringing them data on groundwater through a technology platform which allows them to participate in managing and effective governance of the same.

This bringing of data in public domain will enable all stakeholders in inclusive and sustainable management of a vital water resource, prevent overexploitation and increase water security and resilience.

Increased collaboration and advocacy