RISE World Summit 2022

Conferences, Unconferences, RISE …..
Breakthrough Interactions …… Collective Impact

Join us at the RISE World Summit (RWS), one of a kind co-created and co-located convening of thought leaders, experts and learners that influence action and outcomes on the SDGs for the year ahead! Our flagship annual conference of the RISE PECOworld community and into our 9th year of our efforts to catalyse the development sector!

RWS 2021 was held with 1000+ participants from 55 countries and 36 hours relay programming across 8 time zones led by 65 visionary partners and Thought leaders such as Prof. Philip Kotler, Cherie Blair, Amitabh Kant, Ambassador Gideon Behar, Dr. Yasmin Ali Haque, Prof. K.
VijayRaghavan, Cheryl Pinto, Yosef Abramowitz and more. We now look forward to building on the momentum and further outcomes at RISE World Summit 2022 based on the theme “Innovation and Diversity – Time to change from D&I to I&D”.

WHEN: February 3-5 th 2022 (Platform will be open from 1st – 7th Feb).
What is the RWS? Well, it’s a unique platform that is,

  • Unconventional. No presentations, no panels. Just subject matter experts, and those who  have a desire to become experts. And the spectrum in between.  
  • Global. Participants expected from 100 countries. For 3 days, truly no borders. With  representation from all continents, sectors and stakeholders (Corporates, Government,  NGOs, and Academia) needed to create change,  
  • Meaningful. Specifically designed to identify interventions and innovation that will work  towards achieving the SDGs.  
  • Engaging. Interactive formats that make #EveryParticipantASpeaker at some point in our  Signature RISE Rountables, Capacity building workshops, Innovation showcases, Chat tables,  Earth tours, Film Festival, Resource Rooms, Conclaves, 1:1 meeting opportunities, Fireside  Chats, Awards, Cultural sessions and is … 
  • Much more. The engagement continues post event year round through our sectoral and  regional forums, GOTO meetings and alliances that go beyond networking to create impact  on the ground 

RISE World Summit (RWS) brings together corporate groups, government, bi-laterals, institutes and Women Social Green (WSG) Enterprises to work together towards a better tomorrow based on synergistic objectives and action that:

a) go beyond knowledge sharing to engagement and collaboration 

b) design solutions that leverage strengths and resources

c) bring down costs of discovery, outreach, execution and delivery.  

WHERE ? : https://risepeco.world/community/ 

Create your profile now and START EARLY to explore the interactive platform to engage with the  amazing thought leaders, practitioners and learners from across the world on 1st Feb.  Program starts 3rd February 2022 9 am IST.

WHO? – The RISE World Summit is organized by RISE Infinity Foundation and Idobro Impact  Solutions and anchored by our Steering Council members – Rajeshwari Chandrasekar, Chief of  Office, UNICEF – Maharashtra, Anna Lekvall, Consul General – Sweden Consulate in Mumbai,  Cheryl Kiser – Executive Director, Lewis Institute & Babson Social Innovation Lab, Prof. N.  Vinod Chandra Menon – Founder Member, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA),  Govt of India Council, Vineet Patni – Former president of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, Anshu  Gupta, Founder-Goonj and Magsaysay awardee, and Dev Bhattacharya – Business Head, New  Ventures – Aditya Birla Group. 


WHY? – Join us if You are a collaborator at . You subscribe to the fact that collaborative  efforts always yield greater results. You desire to and believe that you can change the �� .  You are interested in exploring opportunities to meet like-minded people to achieve the  Global Goals (SDGs) set by UN. You are an avid learner with an inherent desire to find  solutions to complex problems in this world. You relate to the theme Innovation and  Diversity. ☯️


  • Financial literacy: Community financial well-being 
  • Climate & Disaster Resilience: Engaging our communities and youth • Responsible Consumerism in Food and Agriculture 
  • Supply Chain Diversity: Building gender-responsive value chain 
  • Healthcare innovations to overcome health disparities 
  • Back to School: Learning Recovery 
  • Digital transformation of MSMEs & Non-profits 
  • Infodemic and Media Literacy: The problem before policymakers • Right-Skilling for the upcoming automation age 
  • Diversity Driven Innovation: CXO Conclave 

Workshops (15), Chat tables (35), World Tours (10) and more  

Widening your #CirclesOfEngagement to create #CentresOfImpact.  

After all, for a #BetterWorld and a #GreenerPlanet , It Takes Action …… and Collaboration!