Because you care about the world we live in, and are committed learning, collaboration and solving complex social issues. Our unconventional summit will allow you to, •Participate in deep and meaningful conversations •Collaborate with and network with subject matter experts from all over the world •Observe, learn, and design scalable solutions, with innovative approaches •Engage with a diverse cross-sectoral group resulting in transdisciplinary intervention
That to a large extent will be dependent on you. Think about it like going for a global buffet – with lots of choices, and cuisines from all over the world. Our summit will be just like that. You decide what you want to do, and you can refill your plate multiple times. The menu includes, •Meeting and interaction with like-minded people from all over the world •Connecting with people that you may want to collaborate with •Share your experiences and learn from other’s experiences and expertise •Discuss complex problems and design solutions that are of interest to you. •Smorgasbord of topics – ranging from SDG’s to migrant labor, and everything in between. Akin to the different cuisines of the world. Something for every palate. Guaranteed!

The reason for a 24×7 online platform is to ensure we can accommodate attendees from different time zones across the world. Just like in the buffet, you choose when and how you engage. Some or all events. And, the beauty of the summit is, you can participate from the comfort of your home, or any location that you are at.

Our event has a focus on collaboration. There will be virtual lounges, and tables with folks, and you can join them. You will also be able to view all of the participants, and you will be able to reach out to any of the folks and engage in a 1:1 or a group conversation.
Yes. The success of the event is based on your ability to participate, and we will ensure that we assist you with any technical challenges via our dedicated support representatives.
Of course. Whether you are a wannabe, a newbie, or a veteran, or even just a curious soul, you are welcome to attend. We live our values of inclusion, and everyone that has a desire to make the world a better place is welcome. We will have participants from all sections of our society – ranging from academia, corporate and not for profit sectors, the government, and of course, citizens as well.

– Participation in the Summit is open to all and there is no ticketing

– As there are no tickets or cost for participation, feel free to invite anyone for the Summit

RWS has no sponsors and follows a unique financing model by partners. We would be thrilled to explore and explain further possible associations. Please write to deepakn@riseinfinity.org .We will surely get back to you within 24 hours.

Super. Your products/services will have a global audience. And we will do all we can to promote your organization via our social media platforms. Please write to deepakn@riseinfinity.org

– You can find list of all formats here: https://www.risesummit.in/rise-world-summit-2023/ We are happy to explore any other formats as you might find feasible to share your message, idea or knowledge