RISE World Summit 2023

Independent experts use open design methodology to organically develop and ensure engaging conversations across the spectrum of Women, social and green issues based on:

  • Interlinkages – between the SDGs related to Health, Livelihood, Education, Women, Disability, Senior Citizens, Water, Waste, Nutrition, Sanitation, Clean-tech, Environment, Rural and Agriculture
  • Operations  – People, Technology, Finance, Markets, HR, Communication, Media, Events and Evaluation
  • Solutions – Responsible Policies / Consumers, Inclusive Procurement / Capital, Sustainable Practices / Capacity and Eco(system)friendly Partnerships / Community.


Cross-sectoral dialogue around specific issues and to connect, examine and investigate critical problems and identify solutions and potential collaborations


Shared infrastructure for co-hosts to launch, demonstrate and showcase initiatives that can foster partnerships and associations within a specific closed group


Masterclass on critical operational issues organisation face with appropriate tools and templates to allow for capacity building and customised implementation

Chat Tables

Pre-arranged meaningful conversations between special interest groups (SIGs)

Fireside Chat

One to one conversation with iconic thought leaders

AI based networking

The platform allows for AI based suggestion with like minded individuals from across the world, based on your profile and areas of work

Knowledge Bank

Share knowledge assets, research reports, toolkit, media to share information as well help others use them in their own programs and benefit

WSGE showcase

Build awareness for inclusive business models and sustainable development strategies, products and services

Film Festival

Showcase of films and documentaries from around the globe that have enabled action by changing narratives and impacted behaviour


Virtual walkthroughs of on-ground work under initiatives being run by organizations world over and the impact they have created doing so

Cultural programme

Art forms that convey important social messages while they entertain


Delegate led Polls, Broadcast, Surveys, Games. All delegates can promote social and eco-friendly products and services, programs and schemes, events and media and reinforce offerings for long term recall and continued value

RISE Citizen Awards

Recognition of exemplary work by individuals and institution in achieving the SDGs and contributing to a Better World and a Greener Planet for all

Nutrition Awards

The Glenmark Nutrition Awards recognizes NGOs and other organizations (Social enterprises, collectives, community groups etc.) who have undertaken exceptional efforts through their health initiatives or programs to provide and improve the dietary diversity among the communities using innovative strategies for implementation and adoption.

One to one meetings

Connect with fellow participants through chat and video conferencing

Conference Leaderboard

The platform tracks the engagement of each participant with other individuals as well as activities and showcases the most active ones on the platform. Top three will be awarded after the summit.

Innovation hub

A space for social innovators and ideators to put their ideas and solutions in front of a global audience

Pitching Session

Providing entrepreneurs with a chance to get their sustainability solutions reviewed by Investors and fellow founders